Lyrics: Another One (Nicki Minaj Diss)

Intro Jaisenzz Phil Melina

Verse 1 FlyingRapper
Boy lost his style
Rappin gods lose that style
Take you on like a file
I want you to die
Rappin like I fly
Kill boys on it
Records gonna ride
We with the Darkriders
Bitch called spider
I will call shotgun
Except when I bite I get my own sunbun

Messing wit the partyman you will pay
Money flow money on the cake
Took it all with my rake
Money on the diss
Money on the shit

Verse 2
1-2-3 boy I been rappin More Life
Workin with 40 and Champagne Papi at night
Two Grammy awards on the same year
Nicki Minaj had to suffer from Remy Ma
I can't really blame Remy for the diss
Nicki who else did you kiss
The rest has been deadly
Rappin flow too
Rap Flo Rida To do what I do
Drake my favorite
Meek can suck it
Didn't even make another one you tried to duck it
Nas, Remy Ma, Drake
Those real rappers they ain't fake
Meek get ya facts right
Fix yo brain with you stupid ass right
Kendrick, Budden, Cudi Yall pretty bad
One calls out, one goes random and one goes mad
Just like Chris Benoit
ZoneMaker, JustinMinecraft, Fly Yall rapers
But once again I am the water vapor

Messing with the partyman pay yo price
Make It look good like chicken on rice
I like the fact that you can't rap
Especially a girl that got wacked

Mr. Partyman, you aren't PartyNextDoor so shut up
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