lyrics White Dirt by Roc Marciano

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Lyrics: White Dirt

Spray shit up real quick, nigga
You know, TAP, turn my pill
Pimpstead, nigga, what up
Bah, bah, bah, bah, brra
Hahahahaha, straight up
Yeah, boy, it’s like that
Fuck nigga, hundred blocks shit

Uh, okay
The fuck, uh, uh

[Verse 1]
The silver Range Sport peel off
A leather floor is what the [?] cost
The silk I sport, it ain't store-bought
400 long up under the floorboard
Where I was born was more like World War 4
Don't compare your dog to these cornballs
You niggas just follow, we change the business model
My bitch look like a fitness model in Balenciagas
In Fendi pajamas, we the top niggas rhyming
Inside the chamber, these bum ass niggas was eating top ramen
I put a bag on your head, you won't make it past 10
They'll be speaking 'bout you in past tense
Brain fragments in the G-Wagon that splash the jean jacket
Jack your G-pack status, your self-esteem get shattered
Watching Harlem Nights on chartered flights
I gave Cassandra hard pipe, the pussy farted twice
Necklace and wrist with ice, I got spice
Y'all niggas sound aight but I'm nice, fuck niggas

Money and hoes, bitch
All I know, money and hoes, bitch
Money and hoes, bitch
Money, cars, and clothes, bitch, uh

[Verse 2]
I'm in rare form, my bitch got on Claiborne
Balmain, no ball and chain, my space is ordained for fame
You small change, my chains like frosted flakes
I'm the frosting on the cake I orate to make the whores mate
Always in shape, you salty niggas holding water weight
I fly away, go way to Norway then walk away like Kaiser Soze
They say the platinum Rollie grey, mix Patron today with OJ
Okay, okay, the tre-eighty's to throw away
Load the [?] in Bora Bora, both feet in the water
I might go even sport a diadora
To be woke is three and a quarter
Satin sheets, balls deep in your daughter
My aura more like Rich Porter, your shit is awkward
Christian Dior should get the bitches talking
Offerings, it's a dog eat dog world, pimp, uh
The house come with the satellite and tall fence
Who else since Prince could fit my trench?
Y'all niggas corn chips

Money and hoes, bitch
All I know, money and hoes, bitch
Money and hoes, bitch
Money, cars, and clothes, bitch, uh

Sound nice, uh, okay, uh
The fuck, uh, uh, uh
Pimps and hoes
Bah, bah
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