Lyrics: Luxury

[Verse 1]

Designer sweats off designer plugs

My fan base peddle crills or designer drugs

Money hand over fist like a Steiner glove

Drop jeep, box seats what I remind you of

Aura of the city, everything that I came for

In a carry-­on, I carry on like a wave board

Handing work to whoever like if my aim's gone

Fly murder forever like "get your name Lord"

Devil wears Prada, Hitler wears Hermes

I be in Celine with your queen going burlesque

Either that or Supreme, I'm supremely the deity

Crowned off the point how I weave where the needle be

And it's leaving legendary if it come to me

Rep means everything, mine means luxury

And we Tryna turn bread like Harpo

Talking Marlo with a Partlow arms fold


If I don't make it bet the fam will

Watch the city fall in love with us

Clyde Frazier with the hand skills

Double rings baby, double up


Wore the same Balmains outside for a week straight

Fronting like we ain't rich

Baddest chick you ever seen in your life

Pulling bottles all night like she won the chip

You know we here for the luxury, yea

You know we here for the luxury, yea

Until we filthy with the bank roll, yea

Know we here for the luxury

[Verse 2]

Winning lasts forever baby, swear to God it's like we won already

Word to counting everything that we done drunk already

Only thing that they can say is that they wasn't ready

For real, salute to how we was brought up

Fly guy etiquette turned us into marauders

How I throw etiquette 'round the way they taught us

In short chains and Balmains how God want us, ha!

Luxury, see where that'll get you?

With a Cici Amor Tryna be like Karen Civil

Print game silly so my Nike Tech gorgeous

Casper the friendly, writing for the Forbes list, ha

Yea, Earl the Pearl when I'm at it B

So who you love is being me, all flattery

Flattered to be what they never was

First to the money, everything is FGR


Crowns all around, we about a win

Luxury talk, everybody want in

All day ones, with it til it ends

Counting up together, same as it been
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