Stein - Buss Off

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Stein - Buss Off


Buss Off

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Lyrics: Buss Off

Gi the gyal dem supn fi lean pon oh yea
Gi the gyal dem supn fi wine pon oh yea

Gyal a me fi a buss off yo panty
Gyal a me fi a meck yo feel nice
A me fi a buss off yo panty
Like mi use mi bloodclaath knife

Gyal wine up, me inna yo hole till yo bruk
Wine up, me inna yo hole till yo bruk
Meck yo tell yo friend dem seh mi can f
Meck yo tell yo friend dem seh mi can f

(Verse 1)
C**key wid the vane mi seh mi inna yo stomach
No Viagra, no stone, no china bush
Yo scream out when yo si mi hit like clutch
Gimmi the nipple cause pu**y mi no suck
If yo pu**y tight mi c**key a brose up
Because everyday deh buddy yah used up
Wine and go down gyal, wine and come up
Me wi meck yo feel like yo never being fu*k
Me wi buss it up like a Askel
Come yah meck mi f yo till it hot like hell
Yo brose up like seh yo drop and fell
Good position meck yo pu**y tongue swell
Gimmi the pum, the pum, meck mi manage it
Mi know mi a go love it, but mi haffi damage it
Me wi meck yo wet like Titanic Ship
When mi done yo put a icky paw mi d*ck don’t it

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Across wid yo two hand dem paw mi so
Speed it up after mi put it in so
Stiff buddy meck yo bend up like book
Last gyal mi f so waan suck off mi toe
If yo pu**y tighter than the cane row
Stiff buddy open it up like a store
Stab yo nuffer than the views weh deh pon Vivo
Meckc yo seh mi wicked like Fidel Castro
Buss it up like shot inna the ghetto
Mi naw run no vet so mi naw pet yo
Put yo hand pon the wall inna yo seleto
Different position
Fling one foot a north ans one foot a south
Like fire pon the track yo pu**y a burn out
Yo know seh mi a bad Artist long time
So come meck mi buss inna yo mouth

(Repeat Chorus 2X)



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