Audio Push - Thankful (feat. O.T Genasis) [single]

Audio Push - Thankful (feat. O.T Genasis)

Infos "Thankful"

Audio Push
O.T Genasis
Publication date
Audio Push just drop is new single from his single entitled "Thankful", featured with "O.T Genasis" to watch on

Lyrics samples of "Thankful"

Back again

Yeah, thankful for the blessings, thankful for the real guys
Thankful for my city, the streets I still mob
Thankful for the baddies, thankful for my real squad
Gangstas, hustlers, bosses, West side
Thankful for all these bad women
Thankful for all this bag gettin'
Thankful for everyone who doubted
Thankful I was never caught...

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