Fred The Godson - Better Now (ft. Jim Jones, Marc Scibilia) [single]

Fred The Godson - Better Now (ft. Jim Jones, Marc Scibilia)

Infos "Better Now"

Fred The Godson
Better Now
Jim Jones, Marc Scibilia
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Fred The Godson just drop is new single from his single entitled "Better Now", featured with "Jim Jones, Marc Scibilia" to watch on

"Better Now" from the project "God Level"

The single "Better Now" is a part of the project "Fred The Godson" entitled "GOD LEVEL" the release date of "God Level" is expected the November 16, 2019, the tracklist and lyrics are available here: TRACKLISt and LYRICS of God Level.

God Level Cover

Lyrics samples of "Better Now"

Capo, go...
I pray to the Lord, Rakim check out my melody (Peace God)
Talk tough where tough is what you better be (Wassup?)
I'm still handin' out smack just like I'm sellin' D (Facts)
I spit like her-on up in the 70s
Shit, I'm Nicky Barnes with the flow (Arrggh!)
You gotta block, you gotta bomb, you gon' blow (Arrggh!)
Uh, like Frank Lucas with th...

Checkout the full lyrics of "Better Now": Better Now's lyrics

Fred The Godson drops the official audio for “Better Now” featuring Jim Jones & Marc Scibilia. This drop is the second single off of his upcoming “God Level” album, dropping November 15th.

Produced by The Heatmakerz

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