Griselda - Moselle [single]

Griselda - Moselle

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Griselda just drop is new single from his single entitled "Moselle" to watch on

"Moselle" from the project "WWCD"

The single "Moselle" is a part of the project "Griselda" entitled "WWCD" the release date of "WWCD" is expected the November 30, 2019, the tracklist and lyrics are available here: TRACKLISt and LYRICS of WWCD.

WWCD Cover

Lyrics samples of "Moselle"

A landslide, nigga
Huh, this shit is, this shit is a landslide, nigga

Uh, this the theme music for the pie stretchers (Whip up)
I whipped five, I got five extras (Hah)
Three Everybody is F.O.O.D tapes, a trifecta (Cap)
Show these niggas in the game how to apply pressure (Rock shit up, nigga)
All my bitches got a bag and they drive Tesla (Uh-huh)

Checkout the full lyrics of "Moselle": Moselle's lyrics

Griselda Records debut album on Shady Records.

Stream and buy the album:

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