Masicka - Money Mi A Pree (ft. Navino) [single]

Masicka - Money Mi A Pree (ft. Navino)

Infos "Money Mi A Pree"

Money Mi A Pree
Publication date
Masicka just drop is new single from his single entitled "Money Mi A Pree", featured with "Navino" to watch on

Lyrics samples of "Money Mi A Pree"

(Verse 1)
Every youth want.... money stock to the ceiling
Mummy stop cry now a real thing
Feel like mi dreaming
Badmind how yuh feeling
Road never easy
See mi friend switch cause dem greedy
Dem never believe we
Badmind how yuh feeling
We haffi do the road hard
Waan buy a car a mi own yard
Mi nuh waan know morgue
money now...


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