Migos - In Yo Life (ft. Sean Kingston) [single]

Migos - In Yo Life (ft. Sean Kingston)

Infos "In Yo Life"

In Yo Life
Sean Kingston
Publication date
Migos just drop is new single from his single entitled "In Yo Life", featured with "Sean Kingston" to watch on HipHop-Spirit.com.

Lyrics samples of "In Yo Life"

You Ain't never flip no work in yo life (IN YO LIFE)
You Ain't never hit no [?] in yo life (in yo life)
Got em bricks from MEXICO MEXICO
Got the plaque for the [?] x2

[Verse 1:QUAVO]
He ain't never flip no brick
He ain't never hit no lick
I pull up,and see`s your bich
She cooking that chick,finessing that b...

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