Nicki Minaj - The Boys (ft. Cassie) [single]

Nicki Minaj - The Boys (ft. Cassie)

Infos "The Boys"

Nicki Minaj
The Boys
Publication date
Nicki Minaj just drop is new single from his single entitled "The Boys", featured with "Cassie" to watch on

Lyrics samples of "The Boys"

Nicki Minaj:
P-p-p-punch line queen, no box of dough
Might pull up in a Porche, no box of dough
Tell a hater: “Yo, don’t you got c*cks to blow?”
Tell ‘em kangaroo Nick I’ll box the hoe
This shit said I got pop in a pasta bowl
But don’t go against Nicki impossible
I’m a king, do what my bitch wants pops to go
Then these hoes cut ...

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Posted by  |  7 years ago  |  Artist : Nicki Minaj


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