Waka Flocka - What's Happenin (ft. French Montana) [single]

Waka Flocka - What's Happenin (ft. French Montana)

Infos "What's Happenin"

Waka Flocka
What's Happenin
French Montana
Publication date
Waka Flocka just drop is new single from his single entitled "What's Happenin", featured with "French Montana" to watch on HipHop-Spirit.com.

Lyrics samples of "What's Happenin"

[Hook: French Montana]
Niggas throwin’ money ain't nothing’ but ass clap
Told the waitress hundred bottles I don’t care what they tax
Got a hundred niggas with me and they ‘bout action
Bad bitches yeah they choosing so I told 'em what’s happenin’
Yeah what’s happenin'
Yeah what's happenin'
What's happenin'

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