Wiz Khalifa - On The Road [single]

Wiz Khalifa - On The Road

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Wiz Khalifa
On The Road
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Wiz Khalifa just drop is new single from his single entitled "On The Road" to watch on HipHop-Spirit.com.

Lyrics samples of "On The Road"

[Verse 1]
Ring around the rosey
Pocket fulla OZ's
Watchin' for the police
AP or the Rollie?
Got a boyfriend, now she act like she don't know me
I ain't really trippin' 'cause the money is the mission
Lookin' in the mirror, I can see the competion
I'ma always keep it real, niggas fake and that's the difference
Stayin' outta prison

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Posted by  |  5 months ago  |  Artist : Wiz Khalifa


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