2 Milly - Milly Rock (Remix) (feat. Maino) [paroles]

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2 Milly - Milly Rock (Remix) (feat. Maino)

Paroles: Milly Rock (Remix)



2 Milly

Niggas know what it is, man

We riding around these streets

Strapped up

We hop out on any block

Milly Rock


Let's get it!


I Milly Rock on any block x8

[Verse 1]

I milly rock on any block (2 Milly)

In my Polo T, and my Polo socks (let's get it)

On top of cars my face hot (woo)

I Milly Rock on that Gates block (GA)

They got me on their explore page (haa)

I've been milly rocking for four days (whaat)

Nah, we don't battle, I never, man (naah)

We just milly rock, when we're hella bent (let's get it)

I'm smoking weed, I'm counting cash (that moneey)

I'm milly rocking on Patron Ave

First arms up, then left and right (haa)

That MJ get out my sight (get out my sight)

I buss the dance, just hit me up (just hit me uup)

That drink strong, gatta mix it up (gatta mix it up)

We hoping out, and we hitting this (let's get it)

On any block rock militant (let's get it)


[Verse 2]

She Milly Rock, she love that dance (she love that dance)

I milly rock when I hug my bands (shen I hug my bands)

Your feet work, nigga, show me something (show me something)

You ain't milly rocking, you ain't doing nothing (you ain't doing shit)

I barely flex, but I love that loud

I'm milly rocking all through the crowd (watch out, watch out, watch out)

I milly rock on any block (block)

In my Tommy boxers, and my Tommy socks (my Tommy socks)

She know the game, she know the name (SP)

She milly rocking for insta fame (IG)

140 likes, you see my share (you see my share)

On any block rock militant (rock militant)

[?] sent to foreign street (foreign street)

We all mily rock to tha beat (rock to the beat)

I drunk too much, I'm feeling beat

But I'm energized when I hear that beat (let's get it)