40 Glocc - The Full Edit (Game Diss)

The Full Edit Lyrics / Paroles

This to the film crew out there
You paparazzi, TMZ, suck-a-dick fag-ass motherfuckers
I aint went no-motherfucking-where, nigga
Im still here, bitch
The fuck you thought, nigga?
Aint shit changed but the color of the chains, bitch
Currency and change, bitch
What you know about that, nigga?
Zoo Life!

Its the full edit
Full, unleaded
Zoo Gang, nigga
4-0 said it
Its the full edit
Full, unleaded
Zoo Gang, nigga
4-0 said it

They know Im on trial, I aint have the burner on me
Tried to pull a Tina Turner on me with a burner on me
What the fuck love got to do with this shit?
Try to edit this shit while I edit your bitch
Race and replace, calculate the stakes
Thats one four-five with 52 in his face
Im still 40 Glocc aint shit changed, nigga
I want the whole account, not that little change, nigga
Yall seen World Star, aint it a little strange, nigga?
Where the full version, at? You explain, nigga
I caught you on Sunset, right before sunset
Ask you where you from and you screamed out some set
I pulled out the four-fifth, and not on no Crip shit
And Wack jumped out, said 40, dont dump yet
You fuckin hall monitor, I gave him a pass
You luck I aint start sprayin and nick your ass
I aint say shit when these niggas sued Suge
Im Robin Hood, rob a bitch and send it to the hood
Fuck that rent-a-cop you runnin with and that little ass crib
Fuck your life, and that cougar-ass bitch
I aint never been a snitch, look who tellin
Black Wall Street, film crew and fellas
I aint never been a snitch, nigga, look who tellin
Wack Wall Street, film crew and fellas

Snitching, nigga?
You the nigga with the motherfucking camera

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