50 Cent - Stop Crying [paroles]

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50 Cent - Stop Crying

Paroles: Stop Crying

they say they do it, like i do it with no mask on
nigga, get the f-ck outta line, you getting blast on
jesus let the weak roam the earth without a purpose.
i’ll stomp ya f-cking head til it’s under the surface
now i need you to get it through ya bloodclot head
‘fore i put a bullet through ya bloodclot dreads
these niggas aint made of the same shit i’m made of
i double click for my man if he needs a favour
i let a nigga slide he came back and almost shot me
and he was thinking i was scared, nah nigga not me
you don’t understand i was raised by the vultures
still laughing like hyenas in the crib full of roaches
call grandmami mommy cause mommy already dead
daddy been missin’ since i was a little kid
now who dared go there playin’ games with the orphan
they know my pedigree test me i’mma off ‘em

[hook] (x2)
stop the bloodclot crying
the kids, the dog, everybody dying, no lying
don’t cry, dry ya eyes
don’t cry, dry ya eyes

ar15, m16, semi-automatic, murder machine
wave that, blaze that, give a nigga wings
when that blade enter flesh it’s an emergency
ya love leak, heart open call the surgery
feels like my last girlfriend i lost her
on second thought i know just where i left her, the alter
see, i’m at an advantage i don’t care about tomorrow
find out that i aint frontin’ when then patience start to fall
you know attempted murder was the case that they gave me
9 bullet wounds know, now i’m half crazy
what is that a tear i see forming in ya eye
why are you so frightened we’re all gonna die

staring through that sight on the top of my heater