A$AP Ferg - Pantie Lover [paroles]

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A$AP Ferg - Pantie Lover

Paroles: Pantie Lover

Every time I woke up and found out it wasn't true

Every time I walk up in the club,I got my crew
Every time I see you with another nigga, you be like don't let me in

I'm the nigga gettin' middle fingers ,don't you think I could be your hobby?

You be running with them pro bitches,don't you think they gonna fuck me?

I be running with a crew of niggaz,that's why they call me ASAP

I don't give a fuck who you was fucking

I don't give a fuck who you was lovin',girl

Sippin' on th Heny got me buggin'

Better call a niga back and tell me something,girl

I just had my partner got me trippin'

With…you trippin',girl

Now your ass needs to get a whippin'

All in this bubbly,go me slippin',girl

I had you strippin'

Leave you limpin'

When my friends see you

I hope they ain't see you like that

How you gonna do a nigga like that?

I fucked hoes,but a niga right back

Fucked hoes,ned to get my life back

Fuck,I need to get my life on the right track
I bougt you Alexander Wang,I know you like that

With a dinner at … with a nice snack

Them Twitter bitches lyin',I ain't pipe that

I'm about to start a pussy riot,need a light pack

Cause I come with groupie bitches,they don't like that

Tried to fuck a groupie bitches,they don't like that

All I need is you for a night cap

Beat the pussy up when I'm gonna give it an ice pack

Bet my dick a nigga picked the right track

With a tough beat with a light rap

I'm tired of giving you niggaz a nice rap

Young Fergenstein,mic Jack