A$AP Ferg - Perfume

Perfume Lyrics / Paroles

[Verse 1]
Trap Lord in my belly, free my nigga Really
Elijah smoking that smelly, ménage is in the telly
Blind bitch name Shelly, dick under her belly
I met that bitch at a fashion show, she was rocking Margiela
I was with Quasey Casey rocking all that Versace
Might be in there sailing, smoking that Beijing
Ten stacks in my pocket, for no reason I got it
Fuck around and hit Sin City, tell that bitch to pop it
What's up with you and Purrp? I ain't into all of that gossip
He brought the funk into my crew, you gotta ask Rocky about it
All I know is A$AP riding in them Maybachs
40. cal, we spray that, when AK brratt you take nap
Oh, Lord, that Hood Pope - oh, Lord, that Trap Lord
Why they call you Trap Lord? Cause you a rap lord to my casket
I ain't bowing to no time, Hood Pope on my gold shine
My dirty niggas wanna tote nine, but we talk rhyme
I tell 'em hold up

All I know is that Trap Lord, that Hood Pope
All I know is that Trap Lord, but you're a rap Lord to my casket
All I know is that fast Porsche smoking that good smoke
Model bitch who from Brazil, she want it on her culo
Riding 'round the city feeling like P. Diddy
Glock 9 in my silk shirt, nigga, no Pac and no Biggie
Riding 'round the city feeling like P.Diddy
Glock 9 in my silk shirt, nigga, no Pac and no Biggie

[Verse 2]
No reply when you call Lord, mama cry 'til her throat soar
Liechtenstein when I drunk [?] you was dying in this war hall
Body left near the staircase courtesy of the whole mob
Don't mean no fucking thing when I pull up in that Goyard
Shooked up from that toe star, ask questions like Nardwuar
Like can you feel your fucking legs? I bet that nigga cannot walk
Persian bitch stack coke hard, sniff white 'till her nose soft
I fucked that bitch with no rubber, cause that bitch be so raw
Puff-puff when the semi huff, nigga really gonna pop
Trunks when you see me duck, niggas really want
Y'all punks can't see the God trap, truly Lord
And I click like Donkey Kong when I hit this long
Better run when you see the mob, you be seeing God
Hear the drum when my niggas march, you gon' see Allah
You the son of a bitch nigga, you daddy a broad
You a bitch, little bitch nigga, probably wearing bras


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