A$AP Ferg - Shit Y Not [paroles]

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A$AP Ferg - Shit Y Not

Paroles: Shit Y Not

Say something, ra
The world is listening!
Hey Brooklyn, niggas are ringing with...
Niggas know how we do it,
Niggas, ASAP tonight
ASAP is VIPhew
What are you talking about?
I'm a fucking tramp, nigga
You won't hold it down, it's a revolution!
Being broke don't...
We don't ...
I love you too, nigga!
Nigga, we're taking our feet off these niggas ratchet men
Fuck it!

I'm a tramp, y'all!
I'mma tell you about the dozen,
About to hit some other leeches
Let a nigga on a ... I'mma send a couple hoes
I'mma let... and live it in the morning
I'mma tramp, no!
.. your fucking bitches... making me the opponent
Like pleasure industry bitches, I'mma be giving them a...
Like I'm... you niggas, you giving them a...
I'm the motherfucking boss, this for rappers in cemeteries
Right in the coffin ...
Ickie, you're in love with it!
Ickie, you're in love with it!
Pretend I wanna have, I make a...
Get it with the... make his ass sizzle
A sign for your tribute, bitch, you didn't...
That's what happened when.. at you
I'm killin these niggas (I'm killin these niggas)
You know I caught a body on the first one
Me, Snoop, Pusha T, Q
I caught a body on the first one
So I had to pick these niggas back up and catch a body again
Why not? I'm nothing, nigga!
Young niggas they're fuck with you (they're fuck with you)
All my B low soldiers salute you
The whole ASAP...
All we have is...
My cousin Meacham, salute
Kolinsky salute, niggas
Young niggas don't wanna fuck with you, man!
I can't fuck with you boy.