Ab-Soul - In The Backroom Freestyle [paroles]

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Ab-Soul - In The Backroom Freestyle

Paroles: In The Backroom Freestyle

Ab Soul, y’all know me
High power, so upset free
Pour up…that thing
Half the consequences y’all mean
Living reckless, doing the most
Wanna vote for the president,
But they be swaying nose
Doper than what Jose bring on the boat
You all gased up, y’all fake in the fault
TDE the amazing group, victory is sweet, you can taste the fruit
Got the whole world saying solo
You make music that was made to mute
So I might raise the roof, drive y’all crazy then change the rule
Was hungry watching paid in full
And that’s why now my plate is full
I’m eating but it’s more I need
No really, it’s more I need
Pop champagne like rhyme browse
Her back arch like eye brows
Ain’t no taking my style
Ain’t no taking my flow
Carson, californication, united states of delamo
You are under my control, …and I just gave the backroom
Don’t front, I’m that dude