Ace Hood - Ball 4 Eva [paroles]

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Ace Hood - Ball 4 Eva

Paroles: Ball 4 Eva

[Intro: Ace Hood]
Family that starve together,
hustle together, got rich together,
we should ball 4 Eva

[Hook: Ace Hood]
4 eva, eva, 4eva, eva
4 eva, 4eva ever
I pray we ball 4 Eva
4 eva, eva, 4 eva eva
4 eva, 4 eva ever
I pray we Ball 4 Eva

[Verse 1: Ace Hood]
Bottom to the top I came so far and I never stop
product of my block with a glock and black boy with them locks
ridin in a Maybach thinking way back aint on how we came this far
how the fuck I get in this? diamonds cost a couple bricks
peep the Rollie on my wrist understand why niggas pissed
got no time for niggas hating, I just made soem reservations
when it come down to my niggas aint no sense in hesitation (No)
champagne sippin, every night its movie scriptin
hop into that coupe and knowt that bitch go missing
too much liquor bad decisions, we just livin like fuck tomorrow
hit the club and buy it out like fuck the bar
see them pretty fancy cars better know its ours
and my niggas do the same thing
I give em a job, and they give mob the same weight (preach)
I pray that we ball 4 eva we on the same page
look how far we came

[Bridge: Ace Hood]
started out broke, penny in my pocket
trying to live a dream, accumulate profit
now we gettin money Monday thur Sunday
on another level, my nigga’s


[Verse 2: Ace Hood]
Ballin my religion, pistol my supervision
flooded my Jesus Pieces, sorry im superstitous
we the niggas who trending, Foreign was never rented
chopper could come extended for pussy niggas intended
all these niggas be lovin to hate
government name when I walk in the bank
ballin, bitch, im runnin the paint
still I ride with half a tank
most the niggas claimin they real
doin them hard nights in that field
remember my dog joc got jammed
did about a couple years in that cell
now Im ridin off in that Aston
kicker whipin that Porsche
Any of ya in that BMW next move is dead folks
young niggas, young niggas
fuck boys cant run with us
tuck toys you dumb boys
that gloc kick like a four wheeler
see 2 shows in one day, zebra climb no PJ
take a look at my niggas face
all lord how far we came
went from strugglin to finer things
now its platinum chains and diamond rings



[Verse 3: Ace Hood]
money and the power, get it by any means
real niggas do real things
say Im countin all this paper
bitch we livin the dream
real niggas do real things

[Hook x2]