Ace Hood - Clarity [Lyrics/Paroles]

Ace Hood - Clarity

Clarity Lyrics / Paroles

[Verse 1:]

I ain't really with the talkin

I ain't with the flossin

Man what's the word?

I can't call it Ace, where you been?

Bitch been ballin, smokin what you call it

Pockets lookin brolic

Diamonds on me polished

And smoking chronic

Yeah, bout it bout it boy

I've been in the dungeon

Ain't no easy does it

Like its Shaq in center

Ain't no easy buckets

This that couple million nigga fuck a budget

If you starving for it, know that sucker comin'

I've been up to something, yeah I'm up to something

In that mansion, laughing at you up and comings

Gotta a chick who pussy like the faucet running

I've been out in Europe getting foreign money

This the jump-back like I never left

Switch the flow cause they bite mine

Funny how them niggas analyze, funny how them niggas analyze

Fuck you niggas on that other side

All you pussy rappers out here tellin lies

I've been waiting patient niggas swear to god

Know the revolution will be televised


And please understand that y'all niggas ain't scaring me

Let's get some motherfuckin clarity

Diamonds in my watch, clarity

[Verse 2:]

I'm insane nigga, taking pain killers

Ain't know small talkin, got the chain bigger

Niggas [?] but I know they not

You the type to goin testify

You the type to get your dog shot

You the type to be a mall cop

You the type to go pillow talkin with the bitches put a nigga business out

I'm the type to goin see a body

Most y'all ain't never seen a body

Gimme gimme, semi so retarded wet the fuckin party

Who coast-guarded? I am so sorry to my loyal fans

Free shows for the live band, tell my CEO I'm goin back

Tell em' to issue me a new advance

Don't compare me to these other rappers with these same flows

And their songs whack. I am better breaded, I am Hercules

I am such a genius, and your tempurpedic

Nigga soft as ever, talking pigeon feathers

Know the storm coming, better check the weather

You will see me never, talking Stevie Wonder

They been sleeping mama, time to wake the monster

I am sick of playing, I am sick of talking

I been doing yoga just to keep me calmer

Countin hella money in my new recliner

Got my stripes in it like I'm Carson Palmer

If you hatin' on me nigga fuck your life

I Wish your mom and daddy woulda worn a condom

I'm in beast mode, I'm talking Marshawn, talkin Ronda Rousey, nigga Lebron James

In the studio, no shirt smokin loud dawg with some gold chians

Jay with me, G with me, P too, Hood Nation

Call ya bitch, whenever dog, 9 o'clock, reservation

Be patient, fans waiting

Fourth one, Starvation


And please understand that y'all niggas ain't scaring me

Let's get some motherfuckin clarity

Diamonds in my watch, clarity


Clarity, motherfucker

I'm talking 24 karat gold not that 18 shit

Ya Dig?


I'm talkin' about [?] blue ice nigga


See these hoes back of that big Rolls nigga

These flows made of gold, pussy nigga

I'm taking 3D not HD, ya dig?

You gotta put your 3D glasses on for this nigga

Ayo Broward, we got this shit nigga

Let's make this shit clear

We gonna change the game with this shit nigga

[?] Let's get it

Hood Nation

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