Ace Hood - Fuck Em All (ft. French Montana)

Fuck Em All Lyrics / Paroles

I be countin’ money ‘til my thumbs hurt
All my dogs ridin’ with that drum work
In the kitchen scrapin’ up them damn pots
So I can drop 80 on a damn watch
Stuntin’ on these niggas, like “fuck ‘em all”
Middle fingers in the air, like “fuck ‘em all”
They don’t wanna see me ball – fuck ‘em all
Fuck ‘em all – motherfuck ‘em all

[Verse 1]
Put that on Jehovah, nigga, never goin’ broke
Twenty Jesus pieces, crackers think I’m sellin’ dope
Rollie presidential, I encourage you to vote
My pistol named Molly, pop it ‘til you overdose
Ain’t no time for a hater – got a date with the paper
Weigh the money then bag it – cop a watch out of Jacob
Treat the Porsche like a bucket, back in the day owned a Cutlass
My watch is so disrespectful, haters so disappointed
So what the fuck is you talkin’? Tell them pussies I’m ballin’
Got a suite at the Ritz, I’m fuckin’ somebody’s daughter
Keep a Ray Allen with me, all hail to the shooter
Hit the strip club, nigga – spread the rough like a rumor
You know…


[Verse 2]
Blowin’ money stuntin’ screamin’ motherfuck a budget
458 Ferrai function, soon I’ll hit the button
A couple engine revers, bet you have it comin’, suck it
A chopper in the trunk, my cousin he don’t do discussions
Count the dough ‘til I’m dead, fuck the judge and the Feds
First check, nigga blew it – hundred thousand advance
Fuck that play money, nigga – spit the grip on the villa
Virgin Islands we livin’, eatin’ lobster and fritters
Them niggas hate that I got it, most my bitches exotic
Pullin’ up in the foreign, I bet that dope is provided
I know you see me with my jewels on
I die today, then put some diamonds on my tomb stone
Fuck boy – until then…


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