Ace Hood - MOOD [paroles]

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Ace Hood - MOOD

Paroles: MOOD


Haha, shit

Cause I'm in the mood baby

I'm in the mood nigga

Don't give me a reason [x2]



I'm in the mood to count up the loot, blessings

Jump out the coup, the fuck is the roof? Flexing

I'm with the crew, you ain't making moves than exit

I'm in the mood to call up your boo to sex it

Cause I'm in the mood [x4]

[Verse 1]

Brought a car with a horse, got a young nigga whipping

I just pull up at the light, shitting on your Honda Civic

I got racks in my pocket, dead fresh catch a body

That potato on a shawty, count that money for a hobby

I just pull up to the villa, big shit Godzilla

Young nigga, chinchilla, all ice like it’s winter

Hit the mall, blow a check

On the gram, gotta flex

Ain't no love for my ex, oh lord boy you blessed

See I'm in the mood to fuck up your mood, I'm covered in juice

I just brought a crib with too many rooms, it came with a pool

I know what you're thinking, got rid of my neighbors had too many rules

Don't get it confused, don't get it confused, we never gon' lose

I'm gonna get everything a nigga pray for

Fuck me and call me daddy ain't that what you came for?

I'm in the mood, I'm like fuck it put twenty chains on

Go hit the club, pour the bottles up, see the light show


[Verse 2]

Middle finger in the air, that's my motherfucking mood

Twenty twenty with the vision, I got panoramic views

In my cup, got that screw

Phantom ghost, peek-a-boo

Niggas sleep, let them snooze

Ace Hood got the juice

I'm the motherfucking man, twenty bands 'fore I walk through

I just brought a foreign, paid for it like a boss do

Nigga in the mood, keep it cool, goons crazy

Walk in the club with them Haitians

The fragrance, amazing

I just might cop me a crib and I don't even live in that bitch

I might just cop me a whip and I won't even drive that little shit

I might just charge every hoe that I encounter for dick

Then pull up on my old teacher who said I won't be shit, bitch

[Hook x2]