Ace Hood - Reminiscing [Lyrics/Paroles]

Ace Hood - Reminiscing

Reminiscing Lyrics / Paroles

Yeah, let’s rewind life for a second

Let’s take these niggas back to ’98
Momma in the kitchen cookin’ up her favourite cake
Daddy gone, never home, he said he outta state
Five times I only seen this nigga ’till this day
And I was blind as a youngin’, but I learned better
Five kids, visitation came never
But I ain’t trippin’, mama did the dirty work
23, ain’t got a crib that’s fingers worth
Even as a youngin’ I had bigger dreams
Made another way instead of triple beams
17, all about that green cream
Work that 9 to 5, I put it in about a week
That’s true story, it was overrated
Gave them crackers middle fingers, cause they underpaid me
Back on the block, not a single dollar
I told them I’m the highest nigga out of Broward
They laughed at me, they clowned me
That hatin’ shit don’t want that bitch around me
So I turned to labor, dollars and deals
I stayed around the corner from my … deal
Stackin’ that money, switchin’ them wheels
Motivated by the dough, boy, he gettin’ chills
My vision changed, the struggle came
I see my momma crying, and I can feel the pain
The best is so behind, we can’t afford the fame
We can’t afford the fame
Couple months I met with DJ Khaled then
Signed my deal and got a hundred thousand dollars, pimp
Called my momma cryin’ like: We outta here
Hard times, kiss my ass
Flew to Louie pushed a thousand in a duffle bag
That was ’07, fall back to 20-12
Haters said I’ll get one hit and very well
No sugar coating shit, you niggas fairytale
And free my niggas locked behind them prison cells
I’m on ‘em, just a few, who send my niggas mail?
Hear a lot of talk, what would you niggas do?
I’m everywhere, you’re never there, I’m like a prostitute
Brought my money, let that pistol bust your testicles
Speaking on my fam: You get the medic room
A couple top 10′s, bitch I’m living good
A house in Miami, only I could do it
Let them bitches suck ’till they catch the fluid
I just lost my daughter by them prank thoughts
Starvation, starvation
Different everyday, like I’m on vacation
Underrated, they say I is
And I’mma give ‘em hell, know the Satan fears
Starvation, starvation
Like lookin’ in the eyes of a poor baby
Poor baby, they scared not
Did it for you non-believer, in case you wonder why


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