Ace Hood - Tears (ft. Kevin Cossom) [paroles]

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Ace Hood - Tears (ft. Kevin Cossom)

Paroles: Tears

Crying tears of joy

[Verse 1: Ace Hood]
I’m getting sick and tired of crying tears over grandma
Lord knows I miss ya, I’m just living through these pictures
Still reminiscing on them Thanksgiving dinners
Telling me to pray before I take on any mission
I can’t blame God, maybe it’s the seasons
Mama told me everything happens for a reason
I miss my nigga Del, plus my nigga Fo
I’m thankful for this music cos it helps a nigga cope
Remember discussing dreams on his mama front porch
He told me keep my focus dawg and stay away from dope
He said that we would make it, heavy dream chasing
Nothings ever given so we might as well take it
If you walk or see me now

I know my granny she proud
I know my homies, them proud
I hold my momma, them down
But I can tell you these tears
I wish my daughter was here
I know my fans they proud
But take a look at me now (take a look at me now)
Crying tears of joy

[Verse 2: Ace Hood]
My baby girl beautiful and now she’s getting older
Got me heavy stressing cos these streets are getting colder
Praying every night and still I keep that heater closer
And they ain’t trynna end up on a shirt or know a poster
Lord have mercy, I’m trying to see tomorrow
So I can teach my daughter and son to be a father
See ain’t nobody perfect, all of us is sinners
Forgive and we forget but shit some things are still remembered
Daddy never called but know that hatred I surrendered
And whether not he proud I got success on my agenda
I did it for my family, I did it with my niggas
I did it for the fans, hope I can be remembered
I done came so far


[Verse 3: Kevin Cossom]
Carry the heavy load
It’s been a long long road
Tears rolling right down my face
Finally made it to a better place
For all the people that tried
To stand in my way, I’m doing just fine
They can’t stop what’s meant to be
But thank God for my family
He kept me aiming for the clouds
When no one was around
He never had a doubt
I remember just trynna get my feet on the ground, hey
Now take a look at me now