Aidonia - Dat A Di Ting [Lyrics/Paroles]

Aidonia - Dat A Di Ting

Dat A Di Ting Lyrics / Paroles

Genna, genna

(Yellow Moon Records)

Some man a gwan like fi get gyal hard, dawg

Yo, the genna dem get gyal easy
Fuck that quick
Dat a the ting
You know a rude boy thing

Bad girl telling me, she love that dick
Dat a the ting
You know a rude boy thing

She a whine, while mi a puff my spliff
Dat a the ting
You know a rude boy thing

Inna you DM, from you put up that pic
Dat a the ting
You know a gangsters thing

[Verse 1:]
Hey girl, mi a beg you likkle punanny
Mi done see it say, you waan me
Cocoa white Benz, pick you up 'bout 2 or 3
Then she back it up, like she deh pon the Ducati
Hey, hey
She tell mi say, mi hot
A mussi pepper pot
Mi get a gyal easy
Mi never pressure that
Rude boy beat her, wid the leather strap
Gyal a play wid the thing and a measure that
Mr. tek you gyal, a mi dark fella that
Gyal a send money come, and a spend a lot
Have gyal a fall in a love till dem a drop

[Repeat Chorus]

[Verse 2:]
Have up a bad, bitch gyal inna the town now
And she only got the bras on, and the draws on
Way she a move, you know she got the nigga hard on
She deh pon the dick
Her phone a ring, her man a call her
Him say, "baby a wha' a gwan"
She cyaa talk sittin blow, a nuh car horn
Then she grab the sittin tight wid fi her hand
And a pull her hair, like she in the beauty salon
Get a new gyal everyday, you know mi cyaa calm
Gyal dem love mi bad, dem know mi strong like a stallion
If mi gyal leff, you know mi nah bawl
Everyday mi get a new gyal dawg

[Repeat Chorus]

[Repeat Verse 1]

[Repeat Chorus]

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