Ali - Survivant [paroles]

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Ali - Survivant

Paroles: Survivant

I don't know much, about this thing called love

But I'm willing to try

I don't know much about it either baby

But if you're willing

Then so am I

It all started in the mexican streets

And ended up in east L.A. blocks

That's where the love was released

Me and doob, world products of those immigrant antique ways

Where men are men and the cowards stay back seat

And last thing, street education my dad teached

It ain't the gangs in the hood but the cops that harassed me

He said, money wouldn't last me long

Enjoy family before they get the passin on

I grew up on the 17th block of pico hood

A rough life, but good times kept us moving

I stayed down with mom and pop

My blood, big doob, richard, and lil j

That's one love

I never express my love with a hug and kiss

More like a, fuck you and a diss

This life is a gift before I looked at it like it was a shit

Cuz of the way we grew up

Mistreated as kids

Must've called it tough love

Or called it being real with eachother

Never cared about those enemies or undercover

West gate was the streets, where the kids felt like me

Constantly got into beef

There's no one to blame, for all mistakes and pain we went through

And made our folks through too

So when ever I did something wrong

Moms I blamed it on you

Though u had no idea of what your son would do


There ain't no city like my city in this whole world

There ain't nobody like my sons and our baby girls

I thank god up above for this lifetime

And I got love for my women in the night time

Yeah, and it's still all good

I grew up in the ghetto but I love my hood

Now this is how it is and this is and how it's always gonna be

Me and my fam till we r-i-p

I wake up, and I'm surprised that I'm still breating

Believing, yes it's another day that I've cheated death

Yeah, sometimes it feels like there's nothing left

Take care of your mother, wept giving you your first breath

I was blessed with this life that lived

Could've died as a kid

All the wild shit we did

Tagged my name up, then jumping from a bridge

Smoking and drinking shit I don't know what I was thinking

Mom and Pops couldn't watch my whole life

All the stress, drugs, and fights, for all they thought wasn't right

But in life

Everything comes full circle

Now we raising boys and girls that we brought into this world

We were them young boys out there pullin pistols

No one ever said that your loved ones might miss you

Life is crazy

Thank the family that made me

Cuz they raised me with the street smarts that saved me

I don't know much, about this thing called love

But I'm willing to try

I don't know much about it either baby

But if you're willing

Then so am I

Now that I've survived twenty something years of my life

I can see things much more clear

I can live in the dark

And give light to those in need

I remember Jack giving my first s.p

Everyday I was making beats through day and may

Try to master these beats to see where it would lead

Like after 5 years they gave me my seed

Now I'm praying real hard for my family to live in peace

We learned tough love on these streets

Sometimes seems we never had much

So we break the law to eat

Now I owe my life to a beat

Hey shit changed though

Thats the solid game though

And I mean deep

Thought if I stayed away from the guns and crime waves

I'll be saved at the end of the day

From the drama. But u find out this world just ain't nothing nice

All survival, what I learned early on in my life