Angel Haze - Lofticries

Lofticries Lyrics / Paroles

My mind’s an art gallery
Carrots, lettuce, celery
Never in a pickle
Catch me chilling with the cavalry
That mean that I’m god-like
You bitches need salvaging
And I spit like a paint brush
That is painting out a masterpiece
And I am like a jungle full of motherfucking mega beasts
When I spit I break the first three letter of your legacy
Yeah, that mean I’m AO, hoe
Yeah, that mean I drill so
Deep into these fields, slow Sherron, cause I’m on your heels
Hold it, Sherron, cause I’m on that pill flow
That super fucking real flow.
That bigger big Mac than a fucking jet black
Stomp, wear high heel, flow
Kill me when these bitches fail in speaking that coherent shit
Did this on my own, bitch, on my single pension

My mind’s an art gallery.

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