Angel Haze - Otis (Freestyle) (ft. Iggy Azalea) [paroles]

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Angel Haze - Otis (Freestyle) (ft. Iggy Azalea)

Paroles: Otis (Freestyle)

It makes it easy, you
Easy baby!
You won’t regret it, no, no
Oh, girl, they don’t forget it!
No, no, is that on
Had been this!

Dance yourself with…
I ain’t been a pussy
Got a … of a mind that says now for rookie
… it’s like talking with pilots
Gotta set this rap game, nigga, the new icest
Crisis, always the…
You ain’t met a bitch like me yet!
.. like fuck her what you got her in the pants
Don’t match our nail budget!
Damn, baby, ain’t Haiti, where the hell you’ve been?
Giving out in Italy …
…all these bitches who’s struggling to be relevant
Dick flow bitches, we’re never taking our medicine
Brand new coop, rocking out with a veteran
And a bad bitch who Twittered she ain’t a lesbian my prom… lyrical excellent
Bitches getting cocky like they don’t know who they’re up against!

Uh, I can’t smash,
Make them realize that you can’t spend…
They ain’t about to cash and ..
Who love ‘em like I have ‘em at the bed of a night lash
… make a life
Ever walked in these… about heels of this high?
Yax, momma, I guess not
You can never be me, lil ladies, so just stop!
I made a million dollars in a year, it was nothing!
You made half that, and you did it while you were fucking
Versace everything like I’m Donatella’s closet
And now I play for nothing, they’re just shipping by the dozen
All my bitches know I’m all about the business
All about a hundred like the… of vicinity?
Something ain’t a habit, something’s a contingency
And if they know I can kill ‘em, then why the fuck…

Uh, blind head killer
Big hip Asian, provocateur feel up
…I’m getting iller
New watch on my wrist is such a chiller.
Sex come fast… by the minute
You bitches are coming backwards, …
New ways of coming in the beginning
I got a day with an angel and you bitches dinner.
Make you see the future, lil niggas we’re the fucking …
Gotta … and a dragon in my pocket chest,
Eighty fucking eat ‘em, eat them til there’s nothing left
Now I’m a fucking menace, so I bitch you til your fucking death!
Damn, it’s about to be a fucking get a witness
And all you lady D hoes better pay attention!
Said all you lady D hoes better pay attention!
About to get awkward!
Thank you!
Fuck, amazing!