Asher Roth - Last Of The Flohicans (ft. Major Myjah)

Last Of The Flohicans Lyrics / Paroles

Last of the Flohicans, gone for no reasons
Snore for four season,s fucked up my whole week-end
I was home, she control in the zone, peakin’ slow
Sittin’ couch, surfin’ out, feelin’ so sheepish
And so facetios, or is it so facetious?
Our boss speakin’ selfishly with the leachens
When I speak, what do I see I don’t believe in
Thought I was hopeful, but let’s hope they the only ones who leave us

(Hook x2)
Up to you, stand up to you
Just learn the truth, it’s all out of focus

Need a new begginin’, let me start again and
Let me start again, this time without an awkward ending
I won’t pretend my thoughts are ever on this planet
But I abandoned them not long ago and left them stranded
Don’t understand it? Stand for granted? My resorts are panic
But there’s a chance that your ? might be worth to manage
No need to fantasize, fantasy, I’m not a snuff guy
Don’t pop my chest out, not impressed with dumb lies
I’m stumped why I had a real dries up, leaves the whole entire country side left to fry
I’ll testify, I’ll testify, until the best of my abilities
Silly ninos really should be left to die

(Hook x2)
Up to you, stand up to you
Just learn the truth, it’s all out of focus

That what we do, yo sky is blue
Just find the focus

It’s dark time and I’m flat linin’
It’s hard to find in the fine line dividin’ child
from ape shaman
It ain’t that common, not everyday you see the latest fate
Disintegrate, regenerate, in better shape
Stay in the shade, keep the pain away
Or take a break, long enough to make ‘em say
Live in your heart, not your head, stupid
When the lens crooked, make you amends
Don’t take offense to it
Making friends to it, with the ends and loops
Ending up pretending leaping through the hoops to get into
Better check your fluids, cause the rest will ruin
Better them than me, it’s me or them, it’s how the best ones do it

(Hook x2)
Up to you, stand up to you
Just learn the truth, it’s all out of focus

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