Asher Roth - Tangerine Girl [paroles]

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Asher Roth - Tangerine Girl

Paroles: Tangerine Girl

(Asher harmonizing)
Bad to the-Bad to the-Bad to the x2

[Verse 1]
Made of money, I was thinking about her all week
Would've treated her to some Grigio, and fresh brie
The way we vibing it reminded me of ice tea
Want to drink it up so baby come and let's leave

Sweet, Tangerine Girl
Sweet, girl x2

[Verse 2]
Got me grooving when I'm turning on the radio
If you feel it baby go ahead and let me know
We could run away and hang out on the country side
Cause not a problem in the world if it's just you and I


Bad to the bad to the
Bad to the bad to the
Bad to the bad to the

[Verse 3]
Bad to the bad to the bad to the bone
Look real close, I should've known
Heels and the toes to be matching her coat
And the jewels and the rose
Just to add to the show
MM-MM Fine, Clementine
What I gotta do to make you mine?
Girl you set my heart on fire
Open fire, I could die from
Sweet tea, and I need refreshment
The best in sheets, better keep me guessing
Must aim to please, teach me a lesson
Geek Van der Beek, dawg, [?] a second
All stop, [?] the clock
Do you want to run to the sun or not
If you wanna fly better come inside
Come along we'll go for a ride

Bad to the bad to the
Bad to the bad to the
Bad to the bad to the