Asher Roth - Treat Me Like Fire (Freestyle)

Treat Me Like Fire Lyrics / Paroles

Blind side of Michael W.
Michael … like a single bullet, pull it
When I’m wear wolf ’till the foolinst
Stuck the mon to the, still the same of a beutiful … on that hole road,
Be higher then Arizonna, … , star to lose control
Try to get inside that my body and soul,
When my body’s on yours, behind God only knows
Five bottles of wine, so close to the doors
Lets’go, miss sophisticated….
And delicious jungle kisses, insist you need some more
When she’s sleeping…, you wish to have some cold, cold water to …
Hot damn let’s dance like a …
And advance to the land…, only .. know how it goes
Hey boy I like this step
Come over here, let’s talk about
Yeah you I’m here to ask
What we will do that you will…
What would you like to do
I’ll introduce you too, my eyes, my lips, my hair
Every good walked up from there
I’m feeling you, and I know that you want me too
In the air you’ll do for me
That’s all you got to see
Hey, that’s just how it ends about I got this
I’mma do you this
If you want me you should just
Treat me like, treat me like, ooh fire, fire, fire, into the pai, into the pai, into the pain

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