Paroles Lights Out par Asian Doll

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Paroles: Lights Out

Lights out bitch
Lights out bitch
Lights out bitch
Lights out bitch

Ever seen a bitch in person who ain't really bout that shit
I be 4 rap hoes up in that other bitch, she just hit the drip
You can' be out here actin' black, that don't make no sense
You can't be out here hatin' but fakin' like you been that bitch
Bitches rather gather up in groups to go against one bitch
Weak as fuck, I hold my own, so they can't say I'm actin tough
I'm exotic, hoes is toxic
I got milage, your nigga is smiling
My pussy game stong, on the top, living lavish

Lights out bitch
Lights out bitch
Lights out bitch
Lights out bitch

I got fame, your new bitch lame
I'm gudder ratchet, can't be tamed
My nigga said don't fuck with lames
Before me he had fucked a lame
I'm too gangster, agressive thang
Your hoe yankin my brothers chain
My check so big I'm spending collage money on my diamond chain
richer than your ex
I see through you, don't need windex
I talk my shit, you give them sus
In these streets, bitch, we can meet you
Want some beef? don't [?]
When you see me, you gon' speak up
I'm turned up in this bitch, I'm mean, ay

Lights out bitch
Lights out bitch
Lights out bitch
Lights out bitch

Bitches talkin, bitches walkin miles to get some dick for free
Money callin, checks is fallin
No, I can't do shit for free
Politics be mad I keep it realer than these niggas be
Stop my views and numbers, they be wishing theres some hoe in me
Gotta shout out, Nicki noticed me
I ride out for my bitch on me
Ever since I signed that deal, they [?] because they know I'm a beast
I write that shit, I rap that shit
I'm Texas, bitch, that's tipple D
Put a rap bitch in her place
Them regular hoes know I be in these streets
I stay up in the sky, [?]
I'm stuntin, how it's supposed to be
He hungry, I'm his groceries

I don't want that nigga
You can keep that nigga
He eat that pussy all funny and shit
I'm a bad bitch, I get money and shit
Them days was rainy, now it's sunny and shit
Bitches can't stop shit
And on my mama, you run up you gon' get dun up
But I'mma let you hear that on the next motherfucking song
This right here to show you hoes I'm forever standing strong
By my motherfucking self


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