Paroles: Talk My Shit

(Cut that thang on bro)
I'm on you hoes ass
On this mothafucking live, these hoes got me fucked up
All these hoes in this bitch hating is bald headed!
I got more hair than all these bitches and I'm black as hell
Fuck you talking about
Aha! And I'm tough as fuck (These bitches robots)
Talk my shit (Lame ass nigga)
Aye, I'mma walk that bitch (Walk her)
Aye (A dog)

Aye, You a lil ass boy
You a lil ass boy
Go play with a lil ass toy
Yo bitch, she a lil ass girl
Too tough, that bitch to feral
Hop of a Aventadoor
Hop out with a bad lil whore
Beat a bitch til a bitch get sore
Cut a nigga off like umbilical chords
Shut up hoe, don't even talk
Wanna see the doll?
Then the shit 'gon cost
Took your nigga, my bad, my fault
Need my money right now in a vault
Aye, aye, aye

Talk my shit
Bitches wanna flex, I'mma talk my shit
I don't give a fuck, I'mma talk my shit
Mean ass bitch, I'mma talk my shit
Nigga want sex, I'mma talk my shit
Need a hunnid bricks, I'mma talk my shit
Aye, talk that shit
These hoes weak, I'mma talk that shit

I was chilling in school, just talking my shit
Silly little hoe
She was all in the mix
They know Asian Doll cute but she mean as a pit
Bitch think a nigga tough but he soft than a bitch
Why the fuck you want smoke?
We gon turn him to a dancer
I'm that bitch, check mark on my answer
Now we on his ass, he gon get a nigga faster
Smoking on Runts then I pour me up a Fanta
Ain't saying what I wanna say
Meet me right now, don't wait till it's late
Box getting beat, all these hoes getting scary
Laid out, flat, bitch
Don't stand in the way
Heard you want a feature, I'mma need 10k
I be gang banging, I ain't going on dates
I like hood niggas who gon shoot em in the face
Don't think twice, just get em out the way
T-E-X-A-S, where I'm from
Caught a hoe lacking then a hoe tried to run
Killing these bitches, I'm the Don of the Don
Do this rap shit in my sleep for the fun
Hi, I'm Asian
Nice to meet ya
Bitch so bad, she a party pleaser
If you talking, Imma great ya
Ion need these niggas, these niggas needy
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