ASM (A State of Mind) - Masking (ft. MF DOOM as King Dumile) [Lyrics/Paroles]

ASM (A State of Mind) - Masking (ft. MF DOOM as King Dumile)

Masking Lyrics / Paroles

In the soft early hours as the day breaks
Shalim now makes his escape
He knew the king, though refusing to give it up
Was now effectively a little more than a sitting duck
He saddles up to the palace build on shattered homes
Scattered bones in the catacombs

[??] make a subtle escape
Taking bloodlust in the every step that I make
Every breath that I take
Make a break for the palace outer walls
To avoid the main gates where the archers are
Long gone, gonna knock
Is the throne that will fall
Drop to the end of courtyard
Before I clutch grass with the palm of my hand, stand tall
Saw the king's guard up the corridor
Which I believe leads to the main hall
So I sneak behind
He hits the floor
And many more have gone along the same route
Sword stained red as I take them out
Can't wait to put my blade to the face of the tyrant
That make them bow down to the jade on my chain of my neck
While smiling
I've got to find him, where's he hiding

Footsteps echo through the halls of the palace through the wall
He is the faint scraping [??]
Too many gentle souls fall in the malice
One last lunge then light up the chalice
Only the sound of footsteps that ring
Only one thing that can make the caged bird sing
Only one way out, only one leads in
And stands face to face with the king

[MF DOOM as King Dumile]
No more applications for soldiers, all positions filled
The guards should've informed you that back at the citadel
Guards, escort this lad out, take his surname
Hey what's your game?
State your intend, my patience wears thin
Then I noticed a faint resemblance in the face and skin
Could this be fate or destiny?
I cram to overstand how this could happen for the best of me
Lightness in the eyes is the moon glow
Knew this moment would arrive, but not so soon though
That perfect combo of caring, fearlessness, with a twisted ruthless
Obvious how clear it is

So here it is
Spare me your villainous charm
The mirror sits calm like a pause on the song
Reflects dark images raw
Makes the dusk more warm than the howl of the dong

[King Dumile]
Sound the alarm!
The gong was cynically loud
Regardless of how it played out he seemed ironically proud
What evidence can make a guess be accurate
Recognizable at the craftsmanship on the amulet
With the jade beast, a rare yet familiar cut
And a custom design link

I think I feel the love
I conjure nothing but a sour taste, foul grapes
Not what the owl takes
Dumile face the blade
May faith be the judge
Suffocate your days of hate and shedding blood

[King Dumile]
Come up, I'll tell you what
My reign is over, along with my presence, hence
A graceful exit, I'll leave your inheritance
Knowing one day you too will be consumed
By absolute power of which no man is immune
And he was gone, through a false panel in the room
Disappeared across the lagoon

Scream now echo through the halls of the palace
In his head turmoil, struggling for balance
If his mother was compassion and his father was malice
Flame now falls by the gallon
Only the sound of footsteps in the halls
Only one responds once destiny calls
Only the purest of hearts stand tall
Only the wicked shall fall
A new king strolls through the halls of the palace
Head held high, the embodied better balance
And the [??] for the true and the callous
Through the looking glass like Alice
Only the victory charms outside
Only one man leave about the whims of the tide
Sometimes goodness a feast presides
Sometimes that wine I'd cyanide

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