Atmosphere - This Lonely Rose (ft. Blueprint & Aesop Rock) [Lyrics/Paroles]

Atmosphere - This Lonely Rose (ft. Blueprint & Aesop Rock)

This Lonely Rose Lyrics / Paroles

Atmosphere (Verse 1)

I parked on a vacant road, to get away from people and watch the planes approach
Turn the music down, put the Windows low. Turn the headlights off, but let the dashboard glow
I try not to reminisce, cause many of these memories ain't got no kind of benefits
It's the same old lick, you can paint the bricks. But your face is just a way to decorate your shit
I'm the motherfuckin' man when I'm standing in it
Cause I don't know how to swim, but I project the image, that i'mma go all in
Got it under control, until I grow my fins I'm still plugging my nose
No surprise, stolen by the tide
You can close your eyes
But the hopes stay alive, and the crow gonna fly
And the dope gets sold, other than that, there's really not much to know
Don't cut this rose

Blueprint (Chorus)
This lonely rose, with thorns to show, it grows alone, to hard to hold
(Repeat x2)

Blueprint (Verse 2)

Quick to tell you that she don't need a man
From what I've seen I completely understand
Can't stand a cat that try to make demands
Plus her man said he sick of bringing beach to the sand
Quickly sinking in the holiest boat. Figured he might as well drink just to keep it afloat
Nope, when small things end up being gigantic
Relationships go the way of the titanic
Why panic?
Have some fun while it last
Be happy that you even had a spot on the cast
She hard to keep cause she know what men about
It just took you too long before you figured it out. (Huh)
Moving fast don't mean it won't end quick
Why put your toes in when you can skinny dip
Remember when your with the prettiest chick
There's another man that's sick of putting up with her shit

Aesop Rock (Verse 3)

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