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Commas (Remix) Lyrics / Paroles

[Verse 1: Price]

Let's fuck up some commas

I promise that we ain't got nothing in common

She pull up on you and she stay with that drama

She pull up on me and she lay in pajamas

I do this shit rhyming

I do what I wanna, roll marijuana

Smack her ass while she cooking lasagna

Niggas switching gotta watch the iguanas

These niggas bitches man I call them Juwannas

I know you know about my reputation

I know you finna show me love when you see me in these streets dawg

Unless you hating

I know you know I went to that school of hard knocks

Just to get that education

I know you messy hoes all on my Snapchat and Instagram investigating

Warren G, I'm finna get to regulating

Use the blue dream for the elevation

And my new theme with no registration

Vroom Vroom! let the key through

My nigga did a dime

Touched down kissed his moms

Got to see his kids too

That's the type of shit we cheers to

See the snakes in the rearview

TD Jakes, we don't hear you

When we hear you it just ain't adding up

Playing these politics I've had enough

Growing up pass poor I had it rough

Now my body and passport tatted up

When we hear you we fast forward and all your stuff

The shit is just really not

What you think you should really stop

I'm after millz like a Philly cop

My girl TLC Chilli hot

She come through with that silly top

Got my toes curling in Benjy socks

B-O-Dub we got the city locked

Hit New York and do my Diddy Bop

Better yet hit my milli walk, that's how I really rock

I perfected the plan

You watch On Demand, I got checks in demand

I got connect they think connect is the fam

Now we seeing more commas than exit exams

Pay respect to the man

[Bridge: Price]

Give no fucks, yeah, we don't give no fucks

Live it up, yeah, gon' and live it up, yeah

Throw them bucks, yeah, gon' and fill my cup, yeah

Give no fucks, yeah, we don't give no fucks

[Verse 2: Oktane]

They said I wouldn't do this


You ready ? Yeah, yeah

Look I'm Oktane, I'm a fool with it

Lay back so I can cruise for you

Signed to Geffen and then got right to reppin'

And they ain't even know what to do with us

Got it right and brought my crew with me

Now these women acting too silly

Now these shows going too stupid

They say I'm on like it's news to me

Before Blackberry and the side scroll

Before that switched to iPhone

Before your chick got on my bone

And her number got on my phone

People told us that we couldn't do it

Then we did it twice and got them looking stupid

Zero contribution to accomplishments

Just insecurities and talking shit

A lot of talky talking but never walking it tho'

I see a open spot an parking that ho

I walk up in the mall and by a lot of flame

I do that cause I couldn't do that before

Stupid spending when your crew is winning

Second laps, so this a new beginning

Rent two Benz before half these rappers rap

And those rappers they act like they ain't know what happened

I made it back became the captain

Bring the camera, this that action

I'll be Michael, pick a Jackson

Understand you play the back hand

And you ready now let's get it crakin' (Woo)

That's yo baby momma (that's yo baby momma)

She knows that I got it yeah

You don't want no problems

But what she wanna do in private

Now drop it!

Really that nigga, really that really that nigga

I don't see it getting bigger

Understand this is exactly how the squad

Planned to be the biggest on this planet

Got my brothers on my team with me

Family over the greenery

Only real ones, pick the scenery

I don't care who don't agree with me

Easily I been the coldest nigga on my momma

I promise your favorite rappers don't want drama

And if they do grab my phone and call my squad up

I'm fuckin' up you, your homies and these commas

Let's fuck up some commas

Let's fuck up some commas yeah

Shit is a freestyle , I can do this all day

[Bridge: Price] X2

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