Audio Push - Inland City Blues [paroles]

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Audio Push - Inland City Blues

Paroles: Inland City Blues


[Hook : Price]
(I been makin' moves, trynna find [?]
Ridin' in the [?] Inland City Blues
[?] I don't wanna lose
Breakin' all the rules Inland City Blues )
Inland City Blues got me out here on a mission
I don't wanna lose my mind
I don't wanna be a victim no
([?]I don't wanna lose
Breakin' all the rules Inland City Blues )

[Verse 1: Oktane]
Ridin' by myself well, really not really
It's bangin' in the truck make me feel like Big Willie
I'm silly with it I been really with it
Ride through Philly [?]
I text like "What up?"
She texts me "Shut Up!"
I said "Girl, quit playin' - Wassup ?!"
As I just breathe through my evenin'
I tried tell her love is easy, she make it hard
Everytime I'm out she think I'm cheating, let down your guard
...Damn, everytime I come in from outta town
There's something going down
How many [?] another part of town
Please stand by before I shut you down
Put down your phone, girl, and get off that Instagram
You mad about comments that girl is leaving
And truthfully girl I do not give a damn
I'm trying to make millions with my killers
You and you feelings, I'm feeling like "really fam?"
So I start puffin 'till I feel nothing
Just need a sub for my function and it's jumpin'
I got price on my right I hold the wheel with my left
I say "I'm going to the top you comin'? "Then get in steps
Because people get lost and I don't wanna lose my way
And I don't like loosin' people but girl I lose you today
So you better know that I been making moves

[Hook : Price]

[Verse 2: Price]