Audio Push - Lil Bit (Remix) [Lyrics/Paroles]

Audio Push - Lil Bit (Remix)

Lil Bit (Remix) Lyrics / Paroles

[Intro : Price ]

All I need is just a little bit

All I need is a little bit

All I want is a little bit

I just gotta have a little bit

B-O-Dub need a little bit

We The Plug need a little bit

HS need a little bit

Good Vibe Tribe need a little bit

[Verse 1 : Price]

Alright I drink a little bit

And smoke a lot of bit

5'9, nappy head with a whole lot of dick

I smoke by the zip just to build my tolerance

My homie got chip they hit the hood of politic

How the shit

They talking war but they not equipped

You f'sho not a thug, you f'sho gotta quit

You f'sho not a blood, you f'sho not a crip

I look at you and I just see a whole lotta bitch

I don't know if it's the food or it's the water you drinkin'

But if they showboat I'll be the water sinkin'

You with this shit just for the summer, you just hard for a season

My mama knew I was a star the moment I started breathin'

You see my father was missin', I hardly was trippin

She went hard with religion

I hardly would listen

Cause I knew something was missing

With that it always rewritten

But it ain't stop me from movin' digits like lottery tickets

Hold up

My bad, what I'm gettin' all spiritual for?

Do it on my own and do it like no one did it before

Knowin me I probably cut my own umbilical cord

You gon' feel it now if you ain't never feel it before

And I can bet that

Made me a pallet where the bank at ?

The Tribe shinin' like eight lamps

Send that emoji with the eggplant, get her wet, damn

Big guns at the house call that bitch the K-Camp

Make it chill a little bit

Relax a little bit

Fall back a little bit

Cause you could get fucked up

I'm pulled up with my clique

I'm trynna get lit not worry about shit

So don't you get it fucked up

But we doin' nothin' tryna have a good time

Tryna change my life and focus on all them good vibes

Two bestfriends, nice titties, thick thighs

Both tryna lick Price man the pleasure's all mine

Let go, Let go, Let go

Let go, Let go, L-Let go

Say what you doin'

Chill a little bit

Relax a little bit

Fall back a little bit

Cause you could get it fucked up

I'm pulled up with my clique

I'm trynna get lit no worry about shit

So don't you get it fucked up

[Verse 2 : Oktane]


Wassup how you doin' ?

How is it goin' ? How you feel ?

I'm Oktane a nigga that don't know just how to chill

I don't really like this beat I gotta keep it real

But I ain’t met a beat a nigga can’t kill

So Price called me up and then I said "I'm on the way"

I do this for the free my nigga they ain't gotta pay

I treat it like an enemy and kill it right away

Recorded and shot the video the same day

Yeah I smoke a little bit, skate a little bit yeah

You watch a little bit, hate a little bit yeah

And when we face to face you never say the shit yeah

And this is exactly how a real one explain a bitch yeah

And half the people talkin' ain't about it my nigga

And you know the brokest niggas is the loudest my nigga

So I keep it quiet whenever it's crowed cause

My G's move in silence we don't want it to get rowdy my nigga

And I ain't even wanna talk that killa shit

Cause I'm a lion and my niggas go gorilla quick

It's Mister 'Wake Up In The Club, Smoke A Lotta Weed'

Pour himself a drink, two step and never spill a drip

The squad stay ready and we still equipped

Price is on his peace but he still a crip

So don't test me, my squad LSD

You get slick with your tongue and we really trip

But I came to smoke a little bit

Drink a little bit

Might take a nigga chick and he might get lumped up

Mad that I'm the shit, his chick know I'm legit

Plus I'm pourin' what she sip so she might get fucked up

Blame it on the liquor, tell'em I'm that nigga

She gon' take it how she want it if I let her take a picture

And you gon' blow her phone number she post it on her Insta

So do not switch your tone up and I will not take all your misses

Don't tell me how to play you ain't been in my position

You ain't even good enough to be a nigga opposition

And you don't even know how to begin with my precision

Bunch of rappers talkin' foo' before they got a pot to piss in

Lemme stop, half of you niggas don't even get it

The other half is goin' crazy see we really spit it

And now I'm over this, a nigga too ferocious

My flow is headed to the car and my nigga I'm leaving with it

Bitch I'm gone!

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