Paroles: Footsteps

[Verse 1]
God grant me patience to accept the things I cannot change
To realize sometimes it's gon' be change
I need a smile to help me through the pain
Sometimes in life I wish I could escape from reality
When shit's too real
Wish I could find a way to just not feel
I wanna be in a Range
Somethin' inside of me says, "Please, be still"
You have people in this world who really need you
And it's a few that's come and said they never leave you
Some of them had to go a day, it couldn't have pleased you
They couldn't go to places life was gonna lead you
There gon' be some days you gon' wish that you could throw it all away
It's okay when you're goin' through to say that you're afraid
So cliché to say that it's gon' be some better days
But it won't always be this way
So don't lose the faith

[Verse 2]
Since we're bein' honest
Losses always come with trauma
Lost a sister and a brother
But my nieces lost a father and a mama
And I could relate
Sometimes it's like I lost mine too
Tryin' not to lose my mind, was so confused
'Cause I don't have a clue to what I'm gonna do
But I know some blessings comin'
Need some help to show these girls what it's gon' take to be a woman
By the way
I got fans who wanna know if music goin' away
And a girl who feel abandoned so she abandoned me
Thought she knew that lovin' me was not a holiday
Needed your presence not a present, girl, on Christmas day
Too many choices, too many ru-ooh-ules
How do I find myself? I'm losin' you
How could you not see what I'm goin' through?
Not gonna beg you to stay around
Took me a minute to realize
All that I want you to be with me is honest
Neither of us know what we wanted
But all we knew is that we cared
And now we painted was a moment

You should know, just in a case
When I walked away
I left my steps in the mud so you could follow me
And when I walked away
I left footsteps in the mud so you could follow me
I got tired of holdin' water
Slips right through your fingers
We both end up drownin'
It would hit the ground, the path would wash away
Wash away

I left footsteps in the ground (Ground)
I left footsteps in the ground (Ground)
I left footsteps on the ground
Oh yeah
I left footsteps on the ground
Footsteps in the ground
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