AZ - Back To Myself (ft. Soshy) [Lyrics/Paroles]

AZ - Back To Myself (ft. Soshy)

Back To Myself Lyrics / Paroles

[Hook: SoShy]

Beautiful dream

Dark as the life

I wanna scream

Now that I'm saved

Beauty in me

God is the light

I wanna scream

Back to myself, hey (x3)

[Verse 1]

Yes, it's me in that SUV

Linen shorts, gazelle specs

With that Gucci tee

Never off when I rep, a young Spoonie G

I'm a kid Capri ever (?) Brucie B

How I play, be the proof

Guess the truth is me

Never stay from my roots tho, truthfully

We all side track but the lies slide back

Big boy shit in the mix, try that

On my own thing, used to ask why I rap

I'm more over a mogul man, I'm the local to the gram

Since Illmatic went dolo with the clan

20 years at it, see my photos on the gram

Damn, I'm OG in this mutherfucker

Reminiscing on the streets, just another hustler

Tryna eat out of reach from the suckers

Word to my own death, I'm back like I never left


[Verse 2: AZ]

Being the street dude

Most things you see through

There's different levels of peaceful and degrees of evil

I keeps it equal, exercise both when need to

I'm definitely the definition of what growth can teach you

Cool karma collective, from a Don's perspective

Used to run around unarmed and wreckless

Charm and necklace

Getting it, I'm on some next shit

Been a fan since I've seen Flash and them perform The Message

Born aggressive, me now I'm deceptive

It's deep how I can peep the foul laws of justice

Dutch blunts, the stems off

Juice and jems

Wise men and fools, those two don't blend

There's rule to win

Get a pen, let school begin

Family is forever, you can choose your friends


Beauty in me is alive


[Verse 3: AZ]

In life you accept it or you's a neglected

Confused, but street enthused

Though rule eclectic

Keep your neck to creep

When least expected

It's deep, in one week went from chief to (?)

Mystique, mathematician

A rap (?)

I ain't Mike in the ring

Minus the extreme

For what it seems

Seeing it unfolding your dreams

I'm on my theme

Became the feet (?) of my team

Never lean, destructed

To death abducted, can't touch it

I'm stand up, I ain't nothing to fuck with

Fuck with (x4)

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