AZ - DJ Absolut Freestyle [Lyrics/Paroles]

AZ - DJ Absolut Freestyle

DJ Absolut Freestyle Lyrics / Paroles

Yeah, and I say New York City, y'all know what it is
This AZ with the youngins in charge
Ayo Absol, this here's a go

[?] in the ear
[?] near the grill, two Coronas of beer
Concealed fire arms [?] is here
Prada Don got a closet full of [?]
Certified if your story is true
I'm from the essence, speaks from a warrior's view since adolescent
Seen the system slaughter my crew, guess this is destined
[?] aqua blue
Rocked spots where Big Pop was unstoppable
From hot blocks to the tropicals
Some bullet wounds straight to ICU
Don't even sneeze near me
He ain't a killer homie, he's scary
Without his crew, the nigga seem [?]
[?] that
[?] and the live cats
You see the scrawn niggas slide back
The gods symbolize rap
Ratchets blowing, caskets closing
You bastards get rich is only half the slogan
[?] tryna fast me forward
From the streets to the nastiest poet and y'all know it

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