AZ - It's Time

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AZ - It's Time


It's Time

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Paroles - lyrics: It's Time

Yeah, this my only medicine right here
Huh, too real
This my lean, ya heard

[Verse 1]
Spit like this 'cause I scribe my own script
Rich on some project shit, I don't switch
Legit, though I dialogue slick, the God slick
Grown man shit, I'm on my own dick
Adored by the prettiest broads, I'm no fraud
The overlord, go overboard when I record
Shit facts, a billion stack, this is get back
Wrist wrap, suited up, no mismatch
Did me in B-more with Big B
In '03, he got snatched in NC
Case closed, on the chase for pesos
My fate, choose, move as smooth as a Wraith roll
Play slow, but about it, others doubt it
The hate, allowed it, off break was straight without it
Grind mode, I snatch a bag blindfold
It's time though, this that fine wine flow

[Verse 2]
My first debut came through like Jeru
Play who? Niggas smokin' that K2
Passed out, got clout they rap 'bout from the trap route
Tryin' to close on Shaq house
Still buzzin', was the king of the kitchen oven
In the spot with two coke pots like kissin' cousins
Scratch that, too fly for flashbacks
Got my eyes on a G5 'craft, all matte black
More moola, dirt-bikes out in Dubai
And fuck 50 feet in the sky, I need a new high
Prince did a thirty he (?) soon
My nigga (?) caught a case in the courtroom
I'm tryin' to (?) like, he a straight up North goon
Niggas sendin' kites tryin' to tell me to talk to 'em
Fuck that, we from the bottom we bust back
Shit I been (?), but I rose above that
The true and livin', just one listen it's a new religion
Old school condition, for every jewel it's a fool forgiven
I forgive y'all

It's a demo, it's a demo
It's a demo, it's a demo
It's a demo, it's a demo
It's a demo, it's a demo
It's a demo, it's a demo
It's a demo, it's a demo, it's a demo, it's...



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