Azealia Banks - Aquababe [paroles]

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Azealia Banks - Aquababe

Paroles: Aquababe

this public poo
these bitches ain’t vivi mermaids
by the beach, by the booth nigga
we live in the shade
how do you?

you probably figured that you that other way
she party friendly, she party friendly
it’s like everyday, try to mention
from the picture, it’s a fin esšay
you another, put your liquor
or they take away, okay

celebrate, lets celebrate the aquababes
sachey boulevard away
bitches whiteness bitches they been afraid
these hating bitches, be bitchin’ they smuggling official aids
she sell the biggest, the bigger the difference gave it all the way
seashells on my two-tat-ass she got in the bullet’s blade
hurray, yeah, yeah

we knocking, but they popping like a parade
your opinion is just an option, fuck what you say
i’m looking like a look white niggas look away
i’m popping, clappin’, cu ‘em, bling em
let the choppers free
the brother grabbing the chunky, hunky brigade
hustling through that rusty type of ok

šending them gentlemen what they kind of tašte
i’ll be keeping them, killing them, like murder everyday
when the ziggin’ the apey is on display
you hitches bitches love to dip ya
get the butt away
the niggas is swank
my bitch is a saint
all these chickens up for dollars
all they get is the franks
the linnens is blank
the mendel looks paint
he gon put that snuckle room
we gon take to the tank

i’m focused, i floated out the bluest ocean
especially said, honey keep the ships in motion
bitches i’m sick, these bitches be opposing
bitches seen me guest, these bitches be all open
you don;t want it, no you don’t really want it
i’m drowning all of my haterš, surfing on the moment

bitches they chatted don’t tell me man i used to be rabid
that i get you, get you you’re charismatic
holdin’ them fabrics, i’m driving backwards into the navish
aquafancy she could do special into b-beggin