B.o.B - Ain’t Worried Nothin (Freestyle) [Lyrics/Paroles]

B.o.B - Ain’t Worried Nothin (Freestyle)

Ain’t Worried Nothin Lyrics / Paroles

I ‘aint worried ‘bout nothing
I ‘aint worried ‘bout nothing
Nigga say, ‘aint heard about me she must heard about us
You are learning this …
Both my packet are stuck
And I don’t know what you prefer but this …
God damn good for the …
God damn right for unconscious
God damn beat for the aunty
And a God damn beat for your mama
Bitches miss me with no moves … I don’t need that I don’t bother
And I’m ‘aint motherfucker dj.
So miss me with out that drama
Bitch clear all that … I’ve been getting above me
But God that is balling me, you know I’ll sparkling
You looking thirsty and need of an …
I’m fresh …my clothes are good
So clean all that talk, don’t need your…, don’t need your opinion if you’re not involve
You look so …and my parents are …
Man I’m so sick when the audience confess that way of applauded me
They say I’m killing in but ‘aint nothing to kill cause I already swagel here
And my cause in here
This one I smoke it’s should tranquilizer a bear
Models on my table and this …on my chairs
Middle finger up to all my …
Nigga you are straight
I come on top like a …
…she’s no too fair
I won’t give a fuck no one cares
Bringing me back let me get two stairs
She just walks so hard in my room so hot
Niggas so big, she won’t need a new though
On my next check I’m get her a new ball
If it ‘aint …it will me a huge blow
Underground .., should be nigga, you know
Fuck your self, I’mma set a new score
Nigga you friend, what up?
How’s go?
Banz, what up?
What up chill?
Banz, what up?
We got ya

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