B.o.B - Candler Road Shit [paroles]

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B.o.B - Candler Road Shit

Paroles: Candler Road Shit

[Hook: B.o.B]
East Side Ho
West Side bitch
I'm a Candler Road Nigga
Doin' Candler Road shit
Got a new Bankroll
Trophies on my neck
All I do is win nigga all I do is flex [2x]

[Verse 1: B.o.B.]
When I wake up I get fresh
Rollin' up the best
Cause I came up from the bottom
Like a mogul I finesse
Nigga bangin on my chest
Bang-bangin on my chest
Made it happen from the ground up
From a boy to an Exec'
Told the teacher I can't do it
With no student time desk [?]
Whyt these haters always hatin'?
I don't know I can only guess
Got a watch out for these snakes
That's always searchin' through your set
Tryna' infiltrate your circle
Tryna' steal all your connects
Man these young hoes out here wilin'
Straight up hoein' like a vet
She be goin like a pro and 7-40 7 Jets
You should see a boy in action
I could switch an architect
I'm already fuckin' stoned
How much higher i'm gone get?
I said

[Hook: B.o.B]

[Verse 2: Bankroll Fresh]
West Side B.I., Cameras in the V.I.,
Who they came to see? us, on 3 throwed 3I
Bad hoes on the east side, kiss that thang I P.I
Donuts when I leave out, old school with the TISA
Don't trip over no hoes, so lil bitch don't put your feet out
You can drank my Sedi, fuckin' then I peace out
Possess where the C. At, M.O.B. what we be 'bout
Water on my neck and wrist I damn near brought the sea out
Ear ring costs a Fiat, I brought the movie Visa
She drop it to the floor she work the pole I throw a G out
I'm with that Magic city, bloody Pino's we hit 3 spots
And pulled up on my playa partner, boy we on the East side


[Verse 3: Bankroll Fresh]
West side bitch, difference on 3
Man we in the streets from the West to the East
People countin' rolls, this McAfee
Fuckin with my denim make your hand touch your feet
Difference on 4, differences roll
Different bank yeah, you know how it go
Different out the temple, different out the ville
Hustle nigga for all of my niggas that ain't here