B.o.B - Kevin Hart Speaks [paroles]

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B.o.B - Kevin Hart Speaks

Paroles: Kevin Hart Speaks

Aye man, this yo boy Kev Hart man

I’m just curious to know why you ain’t put my nigga Drop on there?
Like as if you don’t know what he is and what he’s about
Man, it took a lot for me to get him not to call you right now
You know, he called me to facilitate the situation so I’m tryin to but this is tough man, I mean you do, you do a mixtape without the realest dude in the game
It kinda makes me think like, like are you afraid of droppin success?
Dude, we gotta talk man

I’m somebody who knows him and knows what he’s capable of
I suggest you take this as a warning dude
You either put Drop on your side or you go down
Just like the rest of em
I’m just tryina be your friend man