B.o.B & Scotty ATL - We Got Tricked [Lyrics/Paroles]

B.o.B & Scotty ATL - We Got Tricked

We Got Tricked Lyrics / Paroles

[Hook: Scotty ATL]

Get wit' it, get wit' it
Get wit' it motherfucker, we gone
Get wit' it, get wit' it
Get wit' it motherfucker, we gone
Get wit' it, get wit' it
Get wit' it motherfucker, we gone
Get wit' it, get wit' it
Get wit' it motherfucker

[Verse 1: Scotty ATL]

Yeah, yeah, yeah
40 acres in a view, we got trees
I been blunted to my jaws and I'm sick
I might pull up to the light, steal your bitch
I ain't got no 401k, God dammit I'm rich
(Till I get it)
Came back with the good foot, came back with it
Still twisting on the good wood
(Till I get it)
Nigga be flexing 'bout the past, know you grew up in good hood
(Hold up)
Bitch is like a finger roll, getting bread like a dinner roll
I ain't even tryna fuck the bitch if she ain't a centerfold
Check it out, we look good together, don't we?
Yo man be drinking mad
Oh he had to let it go, Lakeshia Cole [?]
They gotta go, uh, to the studio
She lick my nuts and my booty ho
I don't know if that was by mistake or not
Moment there, raise a thought, clear
Uh, to the beat bitch
New [?] take a seat, bitch
I rolled the fire, smoked the fire
You joke a lot, funky five
But I coach or die, that's the sad part
You can have anything that you ask for
Regular speed, living in fast forward
You dabbed, old nigga
What is there to care for?

[Verse 2: B.o.B]

They want me to calm down, I can't cause I'm knee deep
What happened to activist? What happened to free speech?
You out on the front steps, I'm out on the frontline
The lotto has no mind, the good nigga's dumb time
For dumb crimes, no sunshine
Rhyme with the iron, keep a eye up a one time
Streets just run down from [?]
We stocking stores that really don't nobody up in the community own
Back and forth from community homes, trying not to end up in a funeral home
Met a bitch I used to hit with a bong
Almost didn't recognize her, she look 80 years old
Left out the hood, came back and realized it either get worse or it end up justified
Thinking 'how much they suck outta the hood each year'?
Is it capitalism or genocide?
I'm talking to you, you with the bluetooth speaker
The Louis V sneakers, the Polo wife beaters
The Gucci ice dreamers
What would happen if all that revenue stayed in the hood? The outcome would be incredible
But we could do it all that, do you have a clue?
But it goes to the elite instead of you
Bandz, preach
Bandz, teach
Everybody get up out your damn seat, word

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