Paroles: Southmatic

[Verse 1]
Niggas be nice to me just cause I drive a Benz
I could be your enemy, I could not be your friend
I could be the [?], durag and some Timbs
An alien that blends in, bitch I'm [?]
[?] and thriving on Earth
The greatest shti in the universe
Even roaches give birth
Life ain’t what they make it out to be
If heaven is [?] is Applebees
And I just came for the appetizer dog
It's a shame that I can't abide the law
You would think that I’m suicidal, naw
Fuck suicide, transform inside
Bitch I wanna die
I'm a horny guy with a horny dick
Call the poltergeist, don't ignore the signs
Cause if she wanted a family
She wouldn't be popping E and plan B
And I ain't got no kids but she calling papi
5-0 spilling coffee over my clock speed
Pineapples party looking like [?]
Niggas wanna @ me but can't get at me
[?] the snakes is rattling
I keep snakes around to eat the rats
I tried to be vegan but I eats the cat
[?] keeps the strap
You're conditioned like that, I'm a nigga like that
You call the cops, [?] like that
Did I pick the right track?
Wait a minute, let me get it right back
[?] that you already had
That sounds like a recipe [?] the blacks
You think that he a friend cause he gave you opportunity
[?] no community
That’s [?]
I’m killing niggas all on my verses and eulogies
Physical bodies just to shell
Take off the S and what does that spell?
What is that smell? What is that smell?
You a waitress, tell you hold the L

Man I tell ya, it's a great night here in Atlanta
For all the people that just got here
Welcome to Atlanta
Hoes be hoing
Schemers be scheming
Trappers be trapping
Thots be thotting
Niggas be nigging
And it’s like that

[Verse 2]
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