Paroles: Throne Air


[Verse 1]
They try to get under my skin, ingrown hair
Rappers in a box, you belong there
I cut four holes in the top, you could draw air
King, I should start an airline called Throne Air
Niggas never step but be having long stairs
Fuck your girl like rabbits all night, that's long hair
They talking royalty but I brought the dutches, my blunts is Dublin
You black but your blood be Russian
I said I showed you niggas how to do gold, I'm a blacksmith
My demographic all say my verse demographic
Wish a nigga would, presidential cabinet
Too much baggage, if you fly I'm gravity
Your water ain't shit, I control the drip
Show up with a bitch look like Farrah Fawcett
Made a couple M's cleaning out my closet
Just a prophet that make profit


[Verse 2]
Looking out the window
I close blinds but I win though
Beat drop, rappers barely staying alive
That's how this go
My disco platinum like Sysqo
First class nigga, y'all snuck in the convo
Had to call an embargo
I'm the black eldorado
I put the fire in WiFi
Your ex files for divorce, SciFi
She on standby, I land on her cheeks
In my seats is 30,000 feet
Join the mile high club or see 36 deep
She gets off at Concourse B
That's why they say I'm deranged
I brought my snake on the plane, getting brain
I step off the plane, [?] ill
Terminology filled with shit to heal the terminally ill

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